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Reportbuyer Presents Comprehensive Report on Global Focused Ion Beam Market and Forecast from 2015 to 2021

Focused ion beam systems have been used extensively for more than two decades, most significantly in the semiconductor industry and also in various biomaterials and material science fields.

Focused ion beam set up is a scientific instrument which resembles a scanning electron microscope or SEM. FIB systems coupled with SEM are used commonly to prepare samples for transmission electron microscope or TEM. The global focused ion beam market has been segmented on the basis of ion sources, applications and geography. A cross sectional study of the global focused ion beam market broadly across five major geographical segments has also been covered under the purview of the report.

The factors which are primarily driving the growth of global Focused ion beam market are increasing application of focused ion beam systems in material science and increase in demand for failure analysis equipment. FIB systems are being commonly found in a broad range of applications in the material science laboratories including specimen preparation and generation of 3D visualization, circuit editing, microstructural analysis and prototype nanomachining. Focused ion beam systems are also commonly used in the semiconductor and manufacturing industries as failure analysis equipment. This equipment is used in order to detect the primary cause of failure and prevent its reoccurrence. In addition, increase in demand for ion lithography is playing a significant role in the growth of the global focused ion beam market. Focused ion beams used in lithography offer higher resolution patterning in comparison to X-ray, UV or electron beam lithography. The conjoint effect of all these drivers and trends is therefore set to bolster the growth of the global focused ion beam market during the forecast period from 2015-2021.

Application of Focused ion beams in nano machining is expected to boost the growth of the global Focused ion beam market in the coming years. Focused ion beam etching equipment has shown high potential for a wide range of innovative applications in the field nanotechnology including imaging and precision micromachining. Furthermore, rapid advances in ion sources are expected to offer new growth opportunities for Focused ion beam systems to produce unique materials and new lithographic geometries. At present, several alternative ion sources are being developed for FIB microscopes which offer a large range of available ion currents, beam sizes and energies. However, high price of focused ion beam systems is restricting the wide adoption of the equipment, especially in small and medium-scale industries.

The competitive profiling of the key players in the global focused ion beam market and their market shares across the five broad geographic regions namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America have been exhaustively covered under the scope of the report. Furthermore, the different business strategies which have been adopted by the leading players in the global market have been included in this report. In order to provide a detailed insight into the market dynamics of global focused ion beam market, the drivers and restraints affecting the industry are included in the study. Furthermore, market attractiveness analysis has also been provided in the report.

Market dynamics include market drivers, restraints and opportunities and an exhaustive analysis of these factors are included in the report. Market dynamics are the distinct factors which influence the growth of the market and thus help to analyze the current trends in the global market. Therefore, the report provides a comprehensive study of the global Focused ion beam market and also offers the forecast of the market for the period from 2015-2021.

Some of the key players in the Focused ion beam market are Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), FEI (Hillsboro, United States), Evans Analytical Group (California, United States), Carl Zeiss AG (Jena, Germany) and Fibics Incorporated (Ottawa, Canada) among others.


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