Nantero Named to Global Silicon Valley’s Pioneer 250 List

Nantero, the world leader in carbon nanotube electronics, today announced that it has been identified by Global Silicon Valley (GSV) as one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies around the world in its recently released GSV Pioneer 250 List.

This recognition highlights Nantero’s growth potential in delivering a new generation of super-fast, ultra-high density memory that has the potential to change the course of electronics innovation for decades to come.

“We are pleased to see Nantero recognized once again for the innovation its NRAM technology is delivering to our multiple major corporate partners and to the industry,” Greg Schmergel, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Nantero, Inc.

With its GSV Pioneer 250 List, Global Silicon Valley’s has identified these Stars of Tomorrow — the fastest growing, most innovative companies in the world, most likely to become the next “unicorns.” The New York Timesdescribes unicorns as a “class of hot start-ups valued at $1 billion or more.”

GSV’s research process is structured to accomplish the identification of large, open-ended growth opportunities as well as individual companies that possess the critical elements necessary to capture meaningful market share in these opportunities.  Its top-down perspective focuses on Megatrends, or the technological, economic, and social forces that develop from a groundswell, move into the mainstream, and disrupt the status quo. GSV’s bottom-up analysis is centered on the Four Ps — People, Product, Potential, and Predictability — an objective framework to assess a company’s potential to realize sustained long-term growth resulting from market Megatrends.

About NRAM

NRAM is a new generation of memory that is as fast as DRAM, permanently nonvolatile, can deliver terabits of storage capacity, and consumes very little power.  Targeting both the embedded and standalone memory markets, Nantero is already licensing its NRAM IP to major chip manufacturers, foundries and electronics companies around the world.  Key advantages of NRAM include:

  • CMOS Compatible:  Works in standard CMOS fabs with no new equipment needed
  • Limitless Scalability: Designed to scale below 5nm in the future
  • High Endurance: Proven to operate for orders of magnitude more cycles than flash
  • Faster Read and Write:  Same as DRAM, 100s of times faster than NAND
  • High Reliability: will retain memory for >1,000 years at 85 degrees Celsius or more than 10 years at 300 degrees Celsius
  • Low Power: Essentially zero in standby mode, 160x lower write energy per bit than NAND
  • Low Cost:  Simple structure, can be 3D multi-layer and multi-level cell (MLC)


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