Anasys Instruments to Host Webinar on IR s-SNOM based Nano-Imaging and Spectroscopy of Novel 2D Materials

Guest Speaker: Professor Markus Raschke, University of Colorado

Anasys Instruments, the world leader in nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy is hosting a webinar discussing recent advancements in IR s-SNOM based nano-imaging and nanoscale spectroscopy of novel quantum and photonic materials.

Novel 2D materials have unique optical, electrical and mechanical properties and are of growing interest for use in applications including photovoltaics, semiconductors and battery electrodes.

Kevin Kjoller, VP Applications & Development, Anasys Instruments will provide an overview of the AFM-IR and scattering SNOM techniques available on the nanoIR2s platform for nanoscale IR spectroscopy and nano-optical imaging.

Professor Markus Raschke of University of Colorado, a leader in nano-optical imaging and characterization of novel devices will discuss the latest advancements in nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy of materials such as graphene, including plasmonic effects, and other 2D and photonic materials using scattering SNOM and nanoscale IR spectroscopy.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday March 30th at 8am PST. To register, please go here

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