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Anasys Instruments Introduces the nanoIR2-FS High Speed Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy System

Anasys Instruments, the world leader in nanoscale IR spectroscopy, announces its next generation nanoscale IR spectroscopy and chemical imaging system, the nanoIR2-FS™. The nanoIR2-FS, with new FASTSpectra™ technology, sets new standards in measurement speed, resolution, sensitivity, and multi-modal characterization capabilities, while extending its Resonance Enhanced AFM-IR technology to a broader spectroscopic range to provide unrivalled correlation to FTIR at the nanoscale across a wider range of samples.

The nanoIR2-FS incorporates new FASTSpectra, a proprietary technology providing an order of magnitude increase in measurement speed, resulting in IR spectra in seconds. The system sets new standards in resolution and sensitivity by utilizing the Resonance Enhanced AFM-IR technique, achieving 25nm spatial resolution, while maintaining monolayer sensitivity.

Additionally, new exclusive FASTSpectra laser technology extends the range wavelength range of Resonance Enhanced AFM-IR to cover the 2700 to 3600 cm-1 wavenumber range, setting new standards of resolution and sensitivity for nanoscale IR spectroscopy for an even wider range of applications, while still providing unrivalled correlation to FTIR at the nanoscale.

The nanoIR2-FS also provides unique Point-Spectroscopy capability, enabling both nanoscale IR spectroscopy & chemical imaging from a single laser source, improving user flexibility for advanced experimentation of nanoscale features, and removing the need for multiple laser sources for spectroscopy and imaging.

Multi-modal capabilities are enhanced with new updates for the integrated atomic force microscopy technology, afm+, including new electrical modes, high resolution Kelvin Probe force microscopy, and conductive AFM while adding enhanced fluid imaging capabilities with a new fluid cell.

The nanoIR2-FS provides significant improvements for productivity and ease of use, which will greatly benefit academic users, focused on fast turnaround for publications, as well as industrial users, where time to data and solving problems is a high priority.

We are pleased to announce our exclusive FASTSpectra laser technology for the nanoIR platform. The nanoIR2-FS addresses the requirements for high speed nanoscale IR spectroscopy, and expands its unique multi-modal capabilities for the most advanced research and industrial applications while improving user productivity.

Dean Dawson, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

This combination of AFM and nanoscale IR spectroscopy & imaging provides the broadest range of nanoscale FTIR characterization techniques available on a single platform, enabling new directions in research for advanced chemical characterization.

To learn more about the nanoIR2-FS, visit

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