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External Washers Reduce Risk of Vial Contamination

SP Scientific has published a white paper** that discusses how the pharmaceutical industry and safety regulators are putting more emphasis on the importance of using external washers to remove particles from the outside of vials.

Many organizations today are electing to install external vial washers in association with filling applications involving powders, high potency liquids and freeze-dried materials to minimize the risk of operator or end-user exposure to harmful products.

The white paper provides an informative introduction to financial and risk avoidance justification factors that support implementation of external vial washers in pharmaceutical product processing areas.

Further information is provided on sources of contamination in these processes and how they might arise.

The authors also provide an unbiased discussion on desirable features for external vial washers including features that protect vial caps from moisture during the washing or product neutralization process, where high pressure sprays are used to clean the base and side walls of a vial.

To download and read this white paper** in full please visit For further information on the Penntech range of external vial washing equipment please visit the new Penntech website at or contact SP Scientific  on +1-845-255-5000 / [email protected].

About SP Scientific

SP Scientific is a leading manufacturer of freeze dryers / lyophilizers, aseptic vial washing and tray loading machines, temperature control/thermal management, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, glassware washers, and controlled environmental rooms and chambers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including PennTech, VirTis, Hull, FTS Systems, Genevac and Hotpack. SP Scientific has ISO 9001:2008 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe.

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