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Analytik Appointed Exclusive Distributors for Particle Metrix GmbH Particle Analysers

Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, are pleased to announce their appointment as exclusive distributors for German company, Particle Metrix GmbH, manufacturers of particle analysers for dispersions and macromolecular solutions. The main applications are in the fields of the life sciences and colloid chemistry.

Analytik has been appointed as the exclusive distributors in the UK & Ireland for the nanoparticle characterisation products of leading German company, Particle Metrix GmbH. Initially, Particle Metrix developed systems to characterise colloids but have more recently produced instruments for the measurement of nanoparticles found in the life sciences. These have notably included the accurate measurement of exosomes which have shown excellent potential value as biomarkers in the early stage detection of various diseases such as cancers.

Particle Metrix's Stabino® and ZetaView® offer complementary answers and extraordinary benefits for a comprehensive nanoparticle characterisation. Size and zeta potential distributions as well as particle concentration can be measured in the widest ranges of size, concentration and conductivity.

The ZetaView® provides Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis for hydrodynamic particle size, zeta potential and concentration measurements. With ZetaView individual particle tracking, classical micro-electrophoresis and Brownian motion are presented as modern, easy-to-use analysis tools. Auto-alignment and auto-focusing make the “Seeing is Believing” principle truly user friendly. By sub-volume scanning, robust results of zeta potential and size histograms are derived from thousands of particles. In addition, particle concentrations can be determined by video frame assessment counting. The anti-vibration design enhances the video image stability. Depending on the sample and the instrument model, the direct tracking of particles is possible in a size range starting at 10 nm for gold nanoparticles and correspondingly higher for particles with less scattering power. Thus, providing the sample is stable and does not sediment or float, the zeta potential upper size limit can be 20 µm and 3 µm for particle sizing.

The Stabino® system from Particle Metrix is designed for rapid multi-parameter reading: zeta potential, streaming potential, titrations (pH and polyelectrolyte), conductivity, temperature and can be connected to a NANO-flex® 180° DLS particle sizing system for simultaneous size distribution measurement.

The Stabino® - NANO-flex® analysis combination system provides higher flexibility than competitive systems and is applicable to study colloids with particle sizes from sub-nm to 100 µm. Applications are well illustrated by the users at the European Center for Dispersion Technology (EZD). They employ the combination Stabino® - NANO-flex® (DUO-S) for the manufacture and characterisation of various dispersions. The DUO-S provides a combination of dynamic light scattering and streaming potential measurement in the compact and low maintenance instrument. With the 180° backscattering technology, excellent, reproducible results can be achieved fast and easily with no necessity of adjusting parameters such as angle. The instrument offers a flexible experimental setup by using a variable and robust stainless steel probe. In this way, measurements can be performed in all possible solvents and test vessels.

Talking about their partnership with Analytik, Hanno Wachernig, Managing Director of Particle Metrix, says “The UK is an interesting and challenging market for Particle Metrix as it has been in nano-particle analysis and applications since the early days, when nanoparticle suspensions still were called colloidal systems. To encounter such a high level of knowhow is challenging and promising for innovations. In this environment it is essential to have partners like Analytik Ltd. Their level of analytical knowhow and enthusiasm for innovative nano-techniques make them an ideal partner for Particle Metrix. Curiously, Analytik Ltd is written with a “k” and makes us feel familiar. Particle Metrix is very much looking forward to enhance our knowledge exchange and collaboration with the UK and Ireland customers”.

Analytik's Managing Director, Ian Laidlaw, is very excited about adding the Particle Metrix instruments to the portfolio of characterisation techniques offered to users in the UK & Ireland. “Particle Metrix systems are the ideal complement to our CPS Disc Centrifuge product line. We can offer products for a broader range of applications and are better able to match user needs with the products we now have available. To add Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, zeta potential and stability analysis systems opens up new markets particularly in the chemistry sector for colloid characterisation.”



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