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Bruker Launches SKYSCAN 2214 Ultra-High Resolution Nano-CT

On June 12th, 2018, Bruker launched the new SKYSCAN™ 2214, a multiscale X-ray nano-CT (computed tomography) system comprising an innovative X-ray source and detector geometry that produces sharper images with exceptional precision. The SKYSCAN 2214 offers unparalleled, ultra-high resolution for larger fields of view in larger objects, which makes nano-CT practical and really useful for academic and industrial research.

Credit: PRNewsfoto/Bruker Corporation

The SKYSCAN 2214 has a unique, modular design which houses up to four detectors, allowing customers to choose the most suitable detector for their applications and samples. This flexibility enables the scanning of a wide range of samples sizes and types in a single instrument, reducing the need for many, different CT systems. The four detectors are field-upgradeable for economic expansion of the SKYSCAN 2214, so as to facilitate changing analytical needs.

The SKYSCAN 2214 pushes the limits for measuring larger samples at ultra-high resolution. Its exclusively large field of view allows for the investigation of objects up to 300 mm in size. For objects up to 12 mm in size, it offers better than 500 nm true 3D resolution. The attainable voxel size is 60 nm.  Its exclusive detector design includes a 6 MP flat-panel, and three enhanced 8/11 MP cooled CCD cameras. The SKYSCAN 2214 creates up to 8K x 8K pixels in each slice, which is 16 times larger than any other commercially available nano-CT system.

While delivering innovative, research-grade results, the SKYSCAN 2214 comes fitted with easy-to-use, complete software for superior data collection and high-end analysis capabilities.  Spiral scanning enables artifact-free reconstruction and distortion-free data acquisition. Compared to traditional CT reconstruction algorithms, the world's fastest 3D reconstruction software accelerates imaging an object's internal microstructure 10-100 times. The SKYSCAN 2214 requires virtually no maintenance, thus improving system uptime and minimizing cost of ownership.

The SKYSCAN 2214 is a game-changer for ultra-high resolution nano-CT in the material sciences. Its superior high resolution for larger objects offers new opportunities for developers of composite materials, as well as for geology, where precision is key to determine porosity and grain size. In metrology, the precision of the SKYSCAN 2214 enables exact internal dimension measurements at the submicron scale. Ultra-high resolution is also critical for the development of lithium batteries and other energy storage devices.

Dr. Frank Burgaezy, President of the Bruker AXS division

Dr. Wulf-Ingo Jung, President of the Bruker BioSpin Preclinical Imaging division, added, "The SKYSCAN 2214 enables new capabilities in preclinical imaging as well. Its large field of view combined with true high-resolution allows a wide range of samples to be imaged ex vivo, offering artefact-free analysis of soft tissues, e.g. in lung imaging or tumour vascularization. This top-of-the-line, new nano-CT system is also the ultimate tool in the growing fields of zoology and entomology, where very small objects can be studied with extreme precision."

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