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RMC Boeckeler Introduces the PT 3D, the Million Nanometer Ultramicrotrome

The RMC Boeckeler PT 3D is the first ultramicrotome to feature a one millimeter ultrathin advance. This new system will be showcased by RMC Boeckeler at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2018 Meeting (M & M), along with other new sample technology developments. M & M is being held in Baltimore, Maryland August 5 through 9 on behalf of the Microscopy Society of America.

The three new products by RMC Boeckeler are the PT 3D, the ASH 2 and the CR 1000. These instruments are state of the art sample preparation tools for new buyers or easily upgradable options for labs with current sample preparation equipment.

  • Powertome PT 3D: The introduction of the one millimeter ultrathin advance arm, permits uninterrupted ultrathin sectioning to a sample depth of one millimeter. This one millimeter advance is especially useful for 3D reconstruction work, array tomography and any situation where high amounts of precision trimming are involved, eg during cryosectioning. The 3D advance is also available as an upgrade option for previously purchased RMC ultramicrotomes.
  • ASH 2: (Advanced Substrate Holder), is a compact accessory featuring three highly precise axes of movement. The ASH 2 allows sample sections to be directly collected onto a substrate. This makes ASH 2 the ideal addition to an ultramicrotome for high volume array tomography and correlative workflows. The ASH 2 can be used with any standard jumbo diamond knife, making it useful for most ultramicrotomes.
  • CR 1000: This liquid nitrogen cooled cryochamber is made specifically for the RMC 990 rotary microtome. The new design includes improved sample cooling for better sectioning, a new, adjustable backlight and a fully controllable temperature range between -160 C and +40 C, and more.

RMC Boeckeler will be hosting a tutorial for attendees of M & M on Wednesday, August 8 at 5:45pm (EST) titled “3D Reconstruction: Beyond Connectomics”, presented by Dr. Naomi Kamasawa and Connon Thomas from Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience. Dr. Kamasawa will introduce practical CLEM workflows using the ATUMtome and Atlas Software in samples such as brain tissues and cultured cells. See the tutorial at booth #1031.

RMC Boeckeler is currently hiring new dealers and sales representatives within the United States.


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