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Grafoid Introduces a New Range of Oxidized Graphene Products, GNOX

Focus Graphite Inc. is happy to announce that Grafoid has launched a new series of oxidized graphene products called GNOX™ across the globe.

Highly customizable graphene products are represented by the GNOX™ product line for an industry, which is presently valued at $50 to 100 million with 40% compound yearly growth.

When it comes to graphene-based materials, the need for fast and large-scale production continues to be high. The single-atomic-layered material—graphene oxide—is made by the intense oxidation of graphite. It is an oxidized form of graphene and is comparatively inexpensive and abundantly available. In addition, graphene oxide is laced with oxygen-containing groups that can be easily processed because the material can be dispersed in water and other kinds of solvents. Conversely, the impurity as well as a lack of consistency of today’s graphene oxide available in the market has considerably restricted its practical application across multiple industries.

The GNOX™ developed by Grafoid represents a new benchmark for graphene oxide materials by using unique techniques that guarantee a better level of consistency and purity for customers. Earlier, customers of graphene oxide were often plagued by many quality uncertainties, which have now been almost removed by Grafoid. According to Grafoid, the instant availability of its three product skews—UGO-H2O Dispersion, UGO-Aerogel¸ and UGO-Organic Solvent online signifies a watershed moment for ascertaining a quality standard for the consistency and purity of graphene oxide products in the graphene sector.

Grafoid CEO, Gary Economo¸ acknowledged the possibility to remold the level of anticipations that customers presently have for graphene oxide products.

Many of the challenges in realizing the full potential of Graphene’s revolutionary applications across various industries is hindered by the lack of quality source graphene to execute. We believe that the overall purity, our multiple processing methodology and ability to customize the material output based on a customer’s needs will empower more innovation and help the Graphene industry on a whole.

Gary Economo CEO, Grafoid

A direct-to-consumer website has been launched by Grafoid at online, and the company has also announced that its new graphene oxide products will be globally available at the Graphene for US conference recently held in New York from February 14th and 15th, 2019.

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