2D Fluidics VFD Technology Programme to Run at the University of Manchester

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Advanced materials company, First Graphene Limited (“FGR” or “the Company”) (ASX: FGR) is pleased to announce a new programme for the Vortex Fluidic Device (VFD) process technology to run at the University of Manchester. During the programme, the device will be located within the laboratories of First Graphene Ltd at the Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre (GEIC), University of Manchester.

Professor Colin Raston from the Flinders University College of Science and Engineering will initiate the programme with an invited seminar at the University on 28th February 2019, followed by a series of meetings with experts based at the University. This will be followed in March by the visit of Dr Kasturi Vimalanathan a leading researcher in VFD who will commission the VFD process in the GEIC laboratories. Dr Vimalanathan will also co-ordinate evaluations of the VFD approach with researchers across the University departments.

In particular, the initial focus of Dr Vimalanathan will be to characterise and evaluate the performance of the Green Graphene Oxide (gGo™) developed by 2D Fluidics using the VFD. The programme is expected to accelerate the understanding of gGo™ produced in various real-world applications.

The VFD is a unique process technology developed by Professor Raston which is capable of delivering highly controlled chemistry by vortex mediated processing. Of particular interest to the graphene and 2D materials industry is the use of VFD for sustainable manufacture of graphene oxide and the controlled exfoliation of non-carbon 2D materials for electronic and catalyst applications.

Graphene Ltd. researchers will lead the characterisation of the produced 2D materials and develop scale-up plans for these novel processes.

For more information on the invited seminar or if you wish to evaluate the VFD process tools in your processing, please contact [email protected] or visit the website at http://www.2dfluidics.com.

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