Strategic collaboration between Raynergy Tek and Avantama AG on Solution processed Organic Photodetector Technology yields excellent results.

A strategic collaboration between Raynergy Tek and Avantama AG has significantly accelerated the overall development of organic photodetector (OPD) stacks, by implementing a novel device architecture with better manufacturability.

Organic photodetectors (OPD) have attracted broad attention for image sensor applications, owing to organic semiconducting (OSC) technology’s innate characteristics, i.e. high absorption coefficient, tunable spectral response, and ease of large area fabrication. Recently, Raynergy Tek has successfully developed an all-solution processed, near infrared (NIR), top illuminated OPD device with an outstanding external quantum efficiency exceeding 60% at a wavelength of 940 nm. Notably, this achievement has been enabled by the support of Avantama AG and their proprietary carriertransporting metal-oxide materials. Avantama’s metal oxide-based interlayers possess robust coating properties and exhibit great compatibility with Raynergy Tek’s proprietary photo conversion OSC layer, which exhibits outstanding photodiode electrical performance within both the visible light and NIR spectra

The compatibility between the solution-processable OSC photoconversion layer and the carrier transporting layer pair is a major step forward for the OPD technology community. The collaboration between Raynergy Tek and Avantama AG significantly fast-forwards the overall OPD device stack development by implementing a device architecture that could better meet manufacturability requirements.

To accelerate the commercialization of OPDs, the two innovative companies have decided to further deepen their relationship. Raynergy Tek will become the official distributor for two of Avantama’s charge transport materials in China and Taiwan, namely Avantama N-21X-Flex and Avantama P-22. Both Raynergy Tek and Avantama AG will continue to work closely to provide the technical support, as well as to offer the most compatible chemical solution of organic photoconversion ink and carrier transporting interlayer ink to customers who are sourcing the next generation photodetector applications. For more information, please send an email to [email protected]

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