A Revolution in Molecular Dynamics

The introduction of the patented technique of MultiFrequency Fluorometry gives you access to a previously uncharted region of fluorescence dynamics. Horiba Jobin Yvon, the only manufacturer of both pulsed and phase lifetime instrumentation, now offers the MF2, which can fully characterize samples on the millisecond scale. Instead of performing the now-obsolete technique of stepping through a sequence of frequencies to isolate the lifetime behavior of a substance, the MF2 applies all frequencies simultaneously so you instantaneously obtain the information you need to extract multiple and distributed lifetimes. Processes that were, till now, inaccessible to other lifetime techniques, such as stopped flow or fast reaction experiments, now eagerly surrender their secrets to the MF2. Choose to excite with LED’s or laser diodes from the uv to nir for maximum sensitivity, or switch quickly to pockel-cell modulation of a xenon lamp for the broadest, continuous coverage. MF2 has all the accessories and data routines you would expect from an instrument of this ultra-sophistication, as well as all of the modular flexibility of the Fluorolog Spectrofluorometer.

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