Ecoprogress Evaluate Nanomaterials for Use in Flushaway Pads and Liners

The Company is pleased to report that three batches of new nanotech materials have been delivered by QuarTek Corporation for testing, evaluation, selection and modification. Pilot trials of the new materials are expected to start in early May with a subsequent expansion to full trial. A complete product test of FlushawayTM pads and liners with the nanotechnology materials will be carried out prior to starting production and sale of the nanotech based version of FlushawayTM.

To alleviate any shortfalls in supply or inventory the Company may produce the B9 based version of FlushawayTM to address customer demand.

In addition, preparations for the final closing of the $0.05 private placement are commencing. The funds will be used for working capital purposes.

The Company has received a goodwill partial down payment of US$50,000 from April Project 1 Corporation of Florida. Discussions are continuing and the expected closing date of the final contract is expected by June 30, 2007.

The pink sheets application is continuing. All materials have been supplied to Spartan Securities of Florida and a quoted bid and offer is expected to occur in June. The company continues to identify and source several investor relations groups in anticipation of the US listing.

The Company has received new inquiries for distributing FlushawayTM in Southern Europe and Eastern Europe.

Management is identifying potential dates for the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Due to the past and future travel schedule of the company’s president and implementing the new nanotech materials, and other matters, no date has been set yet. We expect a date for the meeting will be announced shortly.

FlushawayTM pads and liners are now carried in K-Mart in the US, and Coles and Priceline in Australia. Product is also available in South Africa, the US Marines Corps worldwide and Bonjour in Hong Kong.

Ecoprogress is diligently working on becoming a lead player in environmentally friendly, absorbent and plastic replacement products. Its first branded product, FlushawayTM, provides women with the choice of a flushable feminine hygiene product.

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