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Celanese Nanotechnology Greatly Improves Outdoor Weathering Behavior of Paint

At the European Coatings Show, Celanese Corporation presented Mowilth® Nano, an acrylate/silicon dioxide (SiO2) emulsion technology specifically designed for high performance exterior paints. Coatings formulated with Mowilith Nano emulsions create a nano structure in the paint film, resulting in outstanding outdoor weathering behavior with remarkably low dirt pick up. The first product of the Mowilith Nano line, Mowilith Nano 9420, was introduced at the European Coatings Show.

According to Moritz Fichtmueller, marketing manager at Celanese, Mowilith Nano is the latest emulsion technology in the Mowilith portfolio for paints and coatings. “Mowilith Nano will usher in the next generation of high-performing exterior coatings, as it represents a substantial performance improvement over conventional acrylic emulsions. It is a breakthrough technology and another good example of the cutting edge work that is being done in our R&D laboratories,” he said.

The Mowilith Nano emulsion is built from an organic, pure acrylic polymer and an inorganic SiO2 phase. The two phases are chemically linked to ensure a homogeneous nano-scaled distribution of both phases throughout the entire film. When used in a coating, Mowilith Nano helps create a truly nano-structured surface). The nanostructure is responsible for the durability, weathering and low dirt pick up properties of the product. It also helps paints achieve the highest quality standards for water vapour permeability. Paints made with Mowilith Nano also exhibit excellent fire retardant properties.

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