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Nano Molecular Marking For Preventing Counterfeiting On Target For Profit

IDGLOBAL is pleased to announce to its shareholders that revenues and the roster of clients for its Nano-Molecular-Markers™ has grown significantly in fiscal year 2007 and continues to engage in multiple pilot projects with future growth prospects irrespective of the short term economic conditions. IDGLOBAL has been receiving client inquiries and requests for demonstrations and pilot project testing for its Nano-Molecular Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions at a pace that is unprecedented in its operating history. IDGLOBAL’s Nano-Molecular Markers™ are the equivalent of taking the laboratory into the field and providing a verifiable answer as to a product’s authenticity in a matter of seconds by utilizing proprietary Nano-Molecular Markers™ and handheld X-Ray scanning technologies.

Since the beginning of 2007, IDGLOBAL has added a number of Clients for its Nano-Molecular Marking technology for anti-counterfeiting applications which include:

  1. CSA International (
  2. ATL Pharma Security Label Systems (
  3. Pazazz Printing (
  4. A Major Sport Entity’s Apparel/Merchandising division

In addition to these clients, IDGLOBAL is in discussions with and/or engaged in pilot projects for its Nano-Molecular Markers™ with no less than six (6) S&P 500 companies and a multitude of other organizations, both private and governmental, for a potential solution to their counterfeiting infections. IDGLOBAL’s current opportunities have a focus in the apparel, auto, pharmaceutical and electronics verticals, but a wide cross-section of idioms are represented, as counterfeiting infections have no borders and are intrinsic in almost every industry where intellectual property can be stolen and “resold” by criminals. IDGLOBAL provides its Nano-Molecular Markers™ on a global basis and can easily be applied to product runs into the hundreds of millions of units at a cost of a fraction of a penny per unit on virtually any inorganic item.

Phil Viggiani, VP Sales & Marketing states, “Our synchronized efforts and aggressive Tradeshow schedule have proven to be an extremely effective methodology of showing to business and enterprise how completely effective and comprehensive IDGLOBAL’s Nano-Molecular Anti-Counterfeiting solutions are for counterfeiting infections. Everything from infected distribution systems to 'on-site' and 'on the spot' retail verification to infected suppliers can be uncovered giving a potentially significant return on investment, preserving Intellectual Property Value, adding to the bottom line and providing an effective counter-measure to future counterfeiting infections.”

The Growth in IDGLOBAL’s two divisions, its Nano-Molecular Markers/Tags™ used in anti-counterfeiting applications and its IDFORENSIX™ products (refer to July 26 PR) utilized in Loss Prevention and Anti-Theft solutions, have resulted in an expansion requirement for both divisions. Employee additions are underway in both areas to take full advantage of IDGLOBAL’s growth potential given the volume of client inquires and pilot projects that are on the table and that continue to multiply providing a solid base for profitability in fiscal year 2008 or sooner.

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