New Piezoceramic Linear Actuators and Amplifiers from PI Cater for High Force Applications

Piezo specialist PI has introduced 4 new series of high-force, high dynamics piezoelectric stacked actuators and a new line of linear amplifiers. While most low and medium force actuator applications are covered by the company’s patented PICMA® multilayer technology, the PICA™ stacked actuator technol-ogy enables applications where extremely high forces and dynamics are re-quired or high levels of customization are needed.

New high-performance HVPZT piezo actuators with E-508 ampli-fier module.

Typical Applications: Precision Engineering / Micromechanics, Nanotechnology, Adaptive Mechanics, Active Vibration Damping, Adaptronics, Static and Dynamic Precision Positioning, Force Generation / Materials Testing, Optics, Metrology / Interferometry, Switches, Laser Tuning.

Features & Advantages of PICA™ Power Stacked Piezo Actuators:

  • High Force Generation to 30,000 N (3 Tons), Microsecond Responsiveness
  • Closed-Loop Option for Higher Linearity, Sub-Nanometer Precision
  • High Levels of Customization
  • High Temperature Option, Low Temperature Option, High Vacuum Option
  • Water Proof Option

Lower Power Consumption, Forces to 3 Tons, Travel to 180 µm, Sub-Nanometer Resolution, over 100 Standard Models

The four newly developed piezo actuator series (P-212, P-216, P-225 and P-235) are equipped with the advanced PIC 255 PICA™ Power piezoceramic stacks. They come with load capacities from 2,000 N to 30,000 N and travel ranges from 15 µm to 180 µm. Over 100 standard models are offered. All ac-tuators provide sub-nanometer resolution and are available with position feed-back for better positioning accuracy. The integrated preload makes these ac-tuators ideal for dynamic applications (e.g. precision machining, active vibra-tion damping, etc.) and push-pull applications. The low-capacitance, piezo ceramics require less electric power than similar actuators – a special advan-tage for high dynamics applications.

Five New High Voltage Amplifiers, Power from 1 to 2000 W

Five RoHS compliant high-voltage amplifiers ranging from 1 to 2000 watts of power are available to drive the new preloaded piezo actuators. All models
(E-462, E-464, E-508, E-421 / E-470 / E-471 / E-472, E-481) are delivered preset to provide 0 to 1000 V output voltage and most can also be run in bipo-lar mode.

High Displacement with Ultra-High Reliability, >1,000,000,000 Cycles

PICA™ Power actuators are optimized for high-duty-cycle dynamic applications and high-temperature working conditions. With PI's extensive applications knowledge, performance does not come at the price of reliability. All materials used are specifi-cally matched for robustness and lifetime. Endurance tests on PICA™ actuators prove consistent performance, even after billions (1,000,000,000) of cycles.

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