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Industrial Nanotech Releases Second Addition Nansulate EPX Line

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., an emerging global leader in nanotechnology, today announced that the Company has released a second addition to their patented revolutionary new water-based Nansulate EPX line. EPX-K will offer the same outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance as their EPX-4 product, with increased thermal resistance and greater ease of application due to lower viscosity.

“This second unique epoxy product creates an additional tremendous revenue opportunity for Industrial Nanotech, Inc.,” stated Francesca Crolley, V.P. Of Operations & Marketing. “The first product in the EPX line, EPX-4, provides an industry high thermal insulation capability, with laboratory tests showing a K value of only 0.027 W/mK, combined with exceptional fire resistance, protection against corrosion, and excellent chemical resistance. The demand for this product has been immediate and substantial and we began shipping product worldwide last week. The newest addition to the EPX product line, EPX-K, offers an increase in thermal resistance and the same corrosion protection and chemical resistance. The EPX-4 product will be the one to use if fire resistance is a desired attribute, and EPX-K will be the product of choice if a customer is looking for easier application by brush instead of specialized spray equipment or trowel.”

Ms. Crolley continues, “This opens up markets throughout areas of important, rapidly expanding regions of the world, including India, China, and Brazil, where the need for a product like this is high, but the access to industrial application equipment is more limited in many areas. The recent substantial increase in the number of inquiries and level of interest in our products from India was the catalyst for the creation of this version of the EPX system technology.”

Nansulate(R) EPX is the Company's newest addition to their line of nanotechnology-based coatings which has a four year track record of providing energy and cost saving solutions for industry and homeowners worldwide. Nansulate(R) EPX combines superior thermal insulating ability with excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and flame resistance in the EPX-4 version, making it a unique and powerful protective coating for a wide variety of industrial and commercial plant, equipment, and building applications. The EPX product line presents a great value added proposition for industrial and OEM clients with a fast cure time, revolutionary thermal insulation performance, outstanding chemical resistance to both base and acid chemicals... including 95% concentration sulfuric acid, and long-term protection against metal corrosion in marine and deep sea environments. The coating can be applied from 1/8" thick to several inches thick.”

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