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New X-Strata980 Performs Excellent Analysis and Characterization of Multi-Layer Coatings

The new X-Strata980 X-ray fluorescence analyzer combines a high-power X-ray tube and high resolution detector to measure small areas of complex samples and deliver limits of detection in single digit ppms. Detecting hazardous elements in small amounts assures the production of environmentally friendly product and avoids costly product recall or enforcement of regulatory legislation.

The instrument performs excellent analysis and characterization of multi-layer coatings, SAC alloys, µPPF and solar panels. Other key applications include coating thickness measurement of gold and palladium on electronics, metal alloy chemistry identification and coating thickness measurement on jewelry.

With a high resolution detector, the X-Strata980 makes it easier to identify, quantify and differentiate neighbouring elements. The large detector size increases the count rate, so that most analysis can be done in seconds to minutes. Choose the best of five primary filters to selectively excite a particular element of interest and get optimum application performance. Features as small as 150 microns in size can be measured. Collimators in a variety of sizes are available.

The Oxford Instruments design team knows that, in the real world, a matrix or range of elements to be analyzed is not always known. The X-Strata980 offers the freedom to choose the best calibration method for a specific application – either empirical or fundamental parameter calibration or a combination of both. When the matrix and range is known, the empirical calibration method will give you the best accuracy for alloy identification and chemical composition. But when matrix matches and standards are not readily available, then the fundamental parameter technique, with full spectrum database, provides reliable quantitative analysis covering a wide range of concentrations and thicknesses for complex coatings and substrates.

A large area can be qualitatively analyzed in one measurement cycle using the X-Strata980’s mapping function. Once problem areas are identified, the operator can return to specific spots with pinpoint accuracy and execute quantitative analysis. With the analyzer’s embedded camera and live video imaging, precise sample placement is assured. Generate an image of the entire sample with the concentration or intensity of an element superimposed with a false color map. Produce composite maps that display the combined intensity or concentration of multiple elements.

The X-Strata980 offers complete statistical data functions and a user programmable display for color coded pass/fail warnings for elements of interest. Detailed reports are available to show due-diligence when testing for hazardous elements in consumer goods. Shortcut keys allow the user to choose proper calibrations for a particular sample with just one click. The user interface is available in nine different languages

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