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Self-Cleaning Nano-Coating Protects Buildings Against Dirt

Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., a nanotechnology solutions provider and global supplier of proprietary photocatalyst* coatings, recently introduced its newly improved, easy to apply, green, environment friendly, transparent self-cleaning coatings for exterior applications distributed globally under the SolarStucco™ brand.

SolarStucco self-cleaning coating technology utilizes natural photocatalyst and nanotechnology. At the presence of light, the photocatalyst will decompose the organic pollutants. Without the adhesion of organic pollutant, the inorganic pollutants left on the surface can be easily swept away by rain. It is effective against organic-based dirt, mould, fungus, moss and protects substrate against UV discoloration. In practice, surface cleaning of building materials like stucco, tiles, facades, aluminum or plastic panels, concrete and glass panes causes considerable trouble, high consumption of energy and chemical detergents and, consequently, high costs. SolarStucco self-cleaning technology protects the building’s exterior; once coated, buildings new (or restored) remain clean for many years. As an additional benefit, less water and chemicals are used, less impact on the environment is achieved and building maintenance costs are reduced.

Green Earth Nano Science Inc. is marketing its SolarStucco coatings to the exterior building materials manufacturing sector and exterior building services sector. New building materials improved by advanced surface nanotechnology are already available on the market; one example is self-cleaning glass which is manufactured by several major companies. Green Earth Nano Science Inc. is developing self-cleaning building materials in conjunction with various major manufacturers including several Fortune 500 companies. SolarStucco coatings are water based, very easy to apply and are easily integrated into any manufacturing process.

“Our company has tested many materials provided by major manufacturers. SolarStucco’s self-cleaning technology is being integrated into many building materials; we cooperate with several major manufacturers and new products are under development. SolarStucco self-cleaning technology can be integrated into materials such as aluminum panels, concrete precasts, stucco finishes, stones, plastic panels and so on. We are thrilled with the results and performance of our self-cleaning technology integrated with those building materials. It will bring benefits not only to building owners, but to the environment and all of us.” – reported by company spokesperson.

SolarStucco coatings are designed for exterior applications. For indoor applications, the company supplies hygienic coatings marketed under the brand GENS NANO™. The company has developed a complete range of environmental services available to license to regional applicators, contractors, entrepreneurs and distributors. Hygienic coatings and other environmental solutions are used by the company to improve indoor environments and to protect against Sick Building Syndrome and surface bio-contamination.

(*) Photo-Catalysis is defined as "acceleration by the presence of a catalyst". A catalyst does not change in itself and is not consumed in the chemical reaction. This definition includes photosensitization - a process by which a photochemical alteration occurs in one molecular entity as a result of initial absorption of radiation by another molecular entity called the photosensitized. Chlorophyll in plants is a type of photocatalyst called photosynthesis. Photocatalysis occurs when chlorophyll captures sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Photocatalysis is the creation of a strong oxidation agent to breakdown any organic matter into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of the photocatalyst, light and water.

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