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Nansulate Coating Incorporated into the Specifications for New Medical System

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., an emerging global leader in nanotechnology, today announced that the Company's patented Nansulate® GP thermal insulation and mold resistant coating has successfully completed trials and is now being incorporated into the specifications for a new medical equipment system by Edward Moore Designs. The deal was finalized by the Company's Independent Sales Agent, Chad Smith, who represents the Company's products in Quebec, Canada.

Edward Moore Design Inc., a Canadian Government recognized research and development laboratory since 1985, has completed development of a cooling and heating system which will be utilized in the design of three unique medical devices. The first device is an air conditioned / heated massaging mattress cover, which can be used for bedridden patients to control the temperature of the mattress, providing comfort and preventing additional health issues common to medical patients confined to bed for extended periods of time by sickness or age. It is scheduled for clinical testing in November and offshoots of this successful technology are now destined for the general consumer market.

Edward Moore, President of Edward Moore Design Inc., described the projects, “Nansulate has been specified into the main cooling and heating system for this design. Nansulate added to the mattress cover system was found to reduce cooling temperature at a rate of 1.8 degrees per minute, as compared to the foam insulation alone which reduced temperature at a rate of 1.1 degrees per minute. All tests were performed under identical conditions cooling one gallon of fluid. By speeding up the cooling process, substantial energy savings were achieved. In addition, Nansulate prevented sweating during the cooling process and also prevents growth of unwanted substances on the surface of the system.”

Mr. Moore continued, “The same carefully researched cooling and heating system specifying Nansulate will be incorporated into a new machine to form x-ray invisible casts with perfectly even pressure over the entire area of a broken limb. The casts can be worn while swimming or bathing and re-formed again with perfectly even pressure when swelling reduces. Due to Nansulate, the time to form a perfectly even pressure cast will be approximately three minutes. Additionally, Nansulate is being specified in the heating and cooling system for a unique, portable machine to heat and/or cool, with adjustable massage, any area of the body for sports medicine and general physiotherapy needs. This machine will free up the doctor or technician to perform other tasks. The portability of the battery operated machine is due in large part to the energy savings realized with Nansulate insulating coatings.”

Francesca Crolley, V.P. Operations for Industrial Nanotech, Inc., stated, “The incorporation of our Nansulate coating into these medical devices represents a brand new market segment opportunity. Edward Moore Design is an expert in their field and we look forward to our technology offering unique benefits to their company for this medical equipment and other designs. Energy savings is something that is important to every industry and we are pleased to offer a solution that can be used in a variety of diverse applications.”

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