ProbeShield Technology Chosen Over Competition in Head-to-Head Comparison

SUSS MicroTec Test Systems has announced that it has received an order for the PA300PS with ProbeShield® Technology, the 300 mm wafer-level probe system for device characterization and reliability test, from a major Asian semiconductor memory manufacturer.

This announcement follows a six-month, head-to-head comparison against the incumbent and major competition for wafer-level test solutions at the manufacturer’s facilities. During this time, several benchmarking activities were undertaken. These activities consisted mainly of advanced tests of semiconductor devices, such as flicker noise, I-V, C-V and S-parameter measurements, which are used to extract critical parameters in the device design and process control phases. SUSS MicroTec’s ProbeShield Technology consistently outperformed the competitive solutions, leading to its ultimate selection.

“The engineers at the manufacturer were very impressed by ProbeShield Technology due to the superior measurement results and significant time savings the advanced feature sets provide,” said Rob Carter, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for SUSS MicroTec Test Systems. “They were particularly impressed with the unattended test capabilities that are provided with the unique Automated Thermal Management™ (ATM) and ReAlign™ functions. These features enable test procedures to run though the night and weekends at multiple temperature settings without operator intervention to re-align the wafer each time temperature changes.”

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