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World's Fastest Naturally Aspirated Car Made Even Faster with Nano-Bionics Treatments

Nanotec-USA applied their Nano-Bionics treatments to the Nish Motor Sports Land Speed Car before Speed Week 2008 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. The Nish Motor Sports team reported the car had an increase of 37 mph even though they ran with a 50% less Nitro Methane fuel mixture. Nanotec-USA believes their Nano-Bionics treatments are an immediate solution to increase fuel economy for all transportation industries.

Nish Motor Sports Team

After refining the exterior surfaces of the Nish Motor Sports Streamliner, then applying Nanotec-USA's Nano-Bionics treatments, the Streamliner went 377.102 mph, 37mph faster than their previous past runs, even with the reduced nitro methane ratio.

Terry and Mike Nish of Nish Motor Sports had seen Mr. John Moore treating the Bionic H2 in Las Vegas for the 2007 SEMA Show. Terry Nish asked Mr. Moore, "Will your product make a car go faster?" Mr. Moore replied, "It should".

Nanotec-USA agreed to Sponsor the Nish Motor Sports Land Speed Car, the world's fastest naturally aspirated car (naturally aspirated refers to an internal combustion engine devoid of forced induction methods).

Mr. Moore, President and CEO of Nanotec-USA, flew to Salt Lake City, Utah in June of 2008 to apply the Nano-Bionics Professional treatments to the Nish Motor Sports Streamliner. The interior and exterior paint, plastic and metal surfaces were all treated with Nanotec-USA's Nano-Bionics treatments.

Since airflow into the engine is a critical factor in gaining more power, Mr. Moore also treated the stainless steel velocity stacks that mount on top of the carburetors and the fresh air intake system.

This is what the Nish Motor Sports Team had to say:

"We have some new sponsors in 2008 that were acquired at the SEMA Automotive Show in Las Vegas during November of 2007 and their technology and advances give us just a little better edge than we have ever had", said Crew Chief Cecil McCray.

"Nanotec-USA and John Moore have delivered and installed state-of-the-art NanoBionic Technology. Nanotec-USA is among the first enterprises in the United States with a range of "TRUE" Nanotechnology products. The self-assembling nano-particles dock directly to the molecules of paint and metal, within the pores of the material. The NanoBionics Smart Particles/molecules self-align themselves, forming new structures."

"Nanotechnology is the domain of ultimate engineering, where chemistry, physics, and mechanical design converge on a molecular scale. This new Technology will give the Streamliner a new aerodynamic advantage and will reduce drag, not to mention making all the surfaces much easier to keep clean."

Crew Chief Cecil McCray had this to say about Nano-Technology, "This stuff is amazing and we have high expectations of the Nanotec-USA Products and what they can do, not only for the performance of the car but the appearance as well. The Streamliner is going to get through the air better and just a little soap and water will keep it looking good. We've tested it and it works unbelievably well."

Fast Forward to August 18, 2008 Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

According to Nish Motor Sports, "Nish Motorsports and the Royal Purple Streamliner were awarded the legendary "Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Award", for the third time, at the SCTA/BNI sanctioned Speedweek event at the Bonneville Salt Flats held August 18th thru the 24th, 2008 . Nish Motorsports driver Mike Nish made one run of 371.080 miles per hour and had an exit speed of 377.102 miles per hour."

"The course was a little wet in the first few miles and Mike Nish had a hard time getting traction. Wheel Spin definitely affected the time between the 2 mile and 2 ¼ mile clocks. We were off about 15 miles an hour in the quarter mile time, but when the car hooked up, it was a rocket. Usually the slow time in the quarter mile clocks relates directly to the terminal speed, but the exit speed was only off by a couple of miles per hour."

Mike Nish said, "I can only attribute this to a great racecar designed by my Father Terry Nish and a good 596 C.I. engine built by Tom Klein. We expected the time to be a little slower because we cut the Nitro Methane back from 20% to 10%. Between the 3 and 4 mile clocks the car picked up almost 37 Miles Per Hour. This is extremely good and I would have to guess that the new state of the art NanoBionic Technology done by John Moore of Nanotec-USA had something to do with that."

Nanotec-USA believes their Nano-Bionics treatments can greatly impact the fuel efficiency of automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, high speed trains and other modes of transportation.

Nanotec-USA sees their Nano-Bionics treatments as offering an immediate improvement in fuel mileage and overall reduction in fuel consumption for the automotive, aviation and public transportation industries. According to Mr. Moore, there has already been one commercial aircraft treated with the Nano-Bionics AeroGuard treatment as a test platform. It was reported the aircraft used 3% less fuel which, according to the airline, will be a savings of over $5,000,000.00 per year on fuel alone. Nanotec-USA will continue working with this aviation industry client and other transportation industry professionals to help reduce their fuel and maintenance operation costs.

Nanotec-USA is working with a major aviation coatings manufacturer to include Nano-Bionics treatments in their exterior coatings program on commercial and military aircraft. The Nano-Bionic structures on the treated substrate direct the airflow, producing a laminar flow which makes the surface super hydro-dynamic on water craft and improves the aero-dynamics of aircraft. The surfaces are also easier to keep clean and decrease adhesion of ice on leading edges of aircraft wings(less de-icer will be needed).

Mr. Moore will be in Las Vegas at the 2008 SEMA Show November 3-7. He will be working with featured vehicle builders sponsored by Nanotec-USA, including ProMotor Sports and Optima Batteries featured vehicles. ProMotor Sports is building the featured vehicles for Toyota and Toyo Tires and other high profile companies. Feel free to call Mr. Moore at (866) 626-6187 for an in-person meeting.

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