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NanoHorizons Antimicrobial Silver Additives Receives Approval by International Oeko-Tex Association

NanoHorizons Inc., a leader in the creation of nanoscale performance additives for textile, health care, and industrial applications, an nounced that its antimicrobial silver additives, marketed globally under the SmartSilver™ performance brand, have been approved by the International Oeko-Tex Association. The endorsement indicates that SmartSilver additives have been extensively tested and determined not to be harmful to human health. Textile products manufacturers who are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified can use SmartSilver additives without compromising their standing. Additionally, textile products manufacturers seeking Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification will be able to do so more efficiently by choosing SmartSilver approved antimicrobial additives.

"Receiving Oeko-Tex approval is an important endorsement of silver's natural role in safe bacterial and odor control," says Dr. James Delattre, VP Global Marketing for NanoHorizons. "Our SmartSilver nanotechnology unlocks silver's power to provide permanent, effective antimicrobial protection that doesn't wear off or wash out of fabrics. Now that we are Oeko-Tex approved, we look forward to working with manufacturers who value textile safety as highly as we do."

"SmartSilver textile additives effectively control bacteria but do so in a way that does not harm the user of the enhanced product," says Dr. Manfred Wentz, US Director of Oeko-Tex. "Unlike many other antimicrobials that rely on harsh chemicals to control microbes, SmartSilver uses silver, which is not on Oeko-Tex's restricted substances list (RSL)."

SmartSilver nanoscale silver antimicrobial additives can be added at any stage of textile processing and can be applied effectively to both natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics. In addition to being Oeko-Tex approved, SmartSilver additives are also EPA registered.

"Silver has been revered for its healing and protective properties throughout human history," continues Delattre. "At NanoHorizons, we are pleased to provide products that focus silver's power in a way that provides protection without harmful side effects, either to the consumer or to the world in which we all live."

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