Localized Support to Address Increased Demand for 3D IC Process Development

EV Group (EVG) and Brewer Science, Inc., today announced the installation of an EVG 500 series wafer-bonding system at Brewer Science's Taiwan applications lab. Located in Hsinchu Science Park, this joint effort offers customers timely localized support in the Asia-Pacific region for 3D IC and other advanced process development programs. In a shared commitment to speed commercialization of through-silicon via (TSV) technology and enable the development of smaller, higher performance, and more power-efficient electronic devices, this move is set to continue the momentum of their joint development efforts.

In December 2007, EVG and Brewer Science announced ultra-thin wafer handling capability for TSV creation to enable 3D chip stacking. This joint development program continues efforts to provide a complete family of ultra- thin wafer handling solutions to leading-edge CMOS image sensors, DRAM, and integrated devices manufacturers, who demand wider temperature range, thin wafer etching, passivation and metallization. To better leverage their bonding and materials expertise and relationships in Taiwan, the two companies now bring local bonding capability to technology development teams for rapid process testing and development in the Asia-Pacific region.

"With Taiwan, and Asia Pacific generally, home to leading adopters of novel processes such as TSV, the move to jointly manage customer process development locally is a logical progression in advancing our partnership efforts with Brewer Science," remarked Stefan Pargfrieder, EVG's business development manager. "By leveraging Brewer Science's facility and equipping them to handle temporary bonding demonstrations, it allows us to have faster cycle times and a more centralized hands-on lab to collaborate closely to adapt the process to our Asia-Pacific customers' requirements." Pargfrieder concluded, "The addition of an applications lab in Taiwan not only augments our network of global demonstration centers, but also truly reinforces our commitment to delivering faster, localized support to our customer base."

Commenting on today's news, Mark Privett, product manager of bonding materials at Brewer Science, Inc., added, "Demand for localized TSV development support in the Asia-Pacific region warranted this investment. Adding EVG's 500 series bonder to the laboratory in Taiwan will help accelerate the adoption of TSV and 3DP technology in the region. The addition of the bonder to the lab also allows us to provide process training for the region's engineers."

EVG's 500 series wafer bonding system was integrated in the applications lab in December 2008.

To formally initiate the joint efforts in Taiwan, the companies will host a technology workshop featuring presentations by EVG and Brewer Science specialists on solutions for 3D interconnects using thin-wafer handling technology. This workshop, which will take place in Hsinchu, is scheduled for January 15, 2009. For more details, please contact EVG Jointech Corp. via email at [email protected] or by phone at +886 3 280 5680.

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