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    Reinste Nano Ventures emphases the significance of purest Nanomaterials with uniform composition free from any adulterants for class research and production purposes. In Reinste Nano ventures we...
  • Article - 15 Feb 2013
    Boron nitride nanomesh is a novel inorganic two-dimensional material discovered at the University of Zurich, Switzerland in 2003.
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    BNNano is currently the only company in the world with a commercially viable manufacturing process for boron nitride nanotubes. Its costs are orders of magnitude lower than any competitor, while...
  • Article - 20 Sep 2023
    In this article, we explore the different methods that are used to synthesize boron nitride.
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    EPRUI Nanoparticles & Microspheres Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development of nanomaterials and microspheres products. We have cooperated closely with well-known...
  • News - 4 Sep 2015
    Rice University scientists have theoretically determined that the properties of atom-thick sheets of boron depend on where those atoms land. Calculation of the atom-by-atom energies involved in...
  • Article - 9 Aug 2007
    Another path to producing materials with exceptional properties lies with a material that is known to form similar structures to carbon nanotubes. This material is boron nitride and boron nitride...
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    Established in 2001, Boron Molecular is a leading specialist chemical manufacturer. The company was formed around a suite of boronic acid patents (both process and composition of matter), originally...
  • Article - 8 Sep 2023
    The unique crystalline structures of Boron nitride (BN) play a pivotal role in determining its remarkable array of properties and applications, making BN a versatile and sought-after material in...
  • Article - 8 Sep 2023
    Reinforcing hydrogels with boron nitride nanosheets enhances mechanical, thermal, and self-healing properties, making them versatile platforms for advanced electronics, biomedicine, soft robotics, and...

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