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An atomic force microscope (AFM) or scanning force microscope (SFM) is a very high-resolution type of scanning probe microscope. AFM's consist of a microscale cantilever with a sharp tip (probe) at its end that is used to scan the specimen surface.
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NanoWorld Pointprobe® NCH probes are designed for non-contact or tapping™ mode imaging. This probe type combines high operation stability with outstanding sensitivity and fast scanning ability.
Applied Nanostructures silicon nitride probes contains the world's first truly hybrid probes. They are also the only commercially available probes that allow for high resolution imaging in fluid without reflex coating. These probes are available in different configurations such as spring constant and long and short cantilever for force-distance, imaging soft samples, contact and non-contact and tapping mode applications.
Bruker’s PeakForce KPFM™ module for the Dimension Icon® and MultiMode® 8 AFMs combines the complete set of KPFM detection mechanisms, including amplitude and frequency modulation, with both TappingMode™ and PeakForce Tapping™ to provide directly correlated quantitative nanomechanical data.
ibss Group, along with a plasma source inventor has designed an advanced in situ Asher known as the GV10x DS. One can use the Asher across TMP operating pressure ranges without any damage to TMP or SEM.
The Pyrex-Nitride probes have silicon nitride cantilevers with very low force constants and integrated oxide sharpened, pyramidal tips with a height of 3.5 µm. The tip is located 4µm behind the free end of the cantilever. This probe series features a support chip that is made of Pyrex.
Carbon Design Innovations' (C|D|I) carbon core high-resolution probes (CCHR) atomic force microscopy (AFM) start with a core carbon nanotube (CNT) that is then further processed and stabilized with patented technology resulting in a CNT probe with maximum resolution, imaging lifetime and stability.
Novascan Technologies provides particle attachment to AFM probes. Our expericed technicians utilize a number of attachment methods for mounting particles ranging in size from 600 nm to 30 ì. Standard particle types and sizes appear below. We also welcome the opportunity to mount client-supplied custom partcles.
The Pointprobe is a versatile silicon AFM probe for very high resolution imaging and fits to all well-known commercial SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes). It consists of a single crystal silicon cantilever with integrated single crystal silicon tip. The cantilever and the tip are supported by a single crystal silicon holder. True atomic resolution has been achieved by several research facilities in UHV using the Non-Contact / TappingMode AFM probes NCH and NCL
Applied Nanostructures Doped Diamond Probes offers a unique combination of hardness and conducting tip. These probes are nanofabricated using highly doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproducibility and robustness.
Conductive diamond coated Si cantilever for contact mode, Al coating on reflex side, conductive diamond coating on tip side.
Super sharp diamond-like carbon (DLC) tips with typical curvature radius 1nm are extremely useful for obtaining high resolution on objects with sizes of several nanometers. DLC tips have very long lifetime due to the high material durability
SensaProbes are highly recommended for early stage scans and student use. Applied NanoStructures SensaProbes can be used for tapping and contact mode and force modulation applications.
NEW PRODUCT! Probes for CONTACT/SEMICONTACT modes CSG30 series, resonant frequency 26-76kHz, force constant 0.6-2 N/m. Specially designed for the applications when it's not clearly defined which mode should be used for sample investigation or when it's necessary to provide measurements in both modes of the same sample area without changing the tip.
Bruker’s Photoconductive Module for the Dimension Icon® Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) enables quantitative nanoscale electrical characterization of organic photovoltaics (OPVs) at the highest resolution.
Tips are coated with conductive, wear resistent metal carbide. Smooth and well defined tip surface.
Applied NanoStructures’ FT product is cylindrical post with a flat top. The diameter and height can be changed to match the application.
Applied Nanostructures silicon probes are available in different configurations such as long and short cantilever for tapping and non-contact mode applications, multi-cantilever probes for force calibration, probes for force modulation microscopy, probes for contact applications and probes with varying degrees of tilt compensation.
The Plateau Tip series based on the well-established NANOSENSORS™ Silicon-SPM-Probes exhibit an intentionally blunt tip with a well-defined circular end-face located at the free end of a micromechanical cantilever.
Our most versatile tip. It delivers excellent results in almost all AFM applications.