Inorganic Nanotubes For High Resolution Flat Panel Displays And Atomic Force Microscopes

Applied NanoMaterials, Inc. has announced that it will manufacture and sell a new and superior kind of inorganic nanotubes for highly sophisticated products such as advanced generation high resolution flat panel displays and atomic force microscopes (AFMs).

Inorganic nanotubes are considered to be the ideal material for tomorrow's nano electronic devices. In many cases they can be used to replace silicon and so have many additional potential applications including semiconductor devices, sensors, biosensors, and nano-motors.

"The unique properties of inorganic nanotubes open new horizons for applications in many areas, which cannot be realized by common carbon nanotubes," said Dr. Menachem Genut, President and CEO of Applied NanoMaterials. "We have proprietary means for modifying their electrical parameters from conductor to semiconductor and isolator states, which is ideal for numerous advanced electronic applications."

The inorganic nanotubes can be used as components in the huge developing market of flat panel displays. Current technologies have significant limitations in picture quality and cost. Applied NanoMaterials has developed a simple and inexpensive method to produce inorganic nanotubes that have better electrical properties than other new materials like carbon nanotubes.

Applied Nanomaterials' nanotubes can also serve as tips for atomic force microscopes (AFMs). AFM instruments are used for studying materials at the atomic level. "The advantageously high aspect ratio, chemical inertness and high strength of our inorganic nanotubes enable them to accurately probe nano-scale structures such as high-density silicon chips," said Dr. Niles Fleischer, Applied NanoMaterials' VP of Business Development.

"Our inorganic nanotubes address very fast growing markets that may reach several billion dollars by the end of this decade. It will open new opportunities for Applied Nanomaterials, with the potential for generating considerable revenues," said Aharon Feuerstein, Applied NanoMaterials' Chairman and CFO.

Applied NanoMaterials commercializes a revolutionary scientific discovery: nanospheres and nanotubes of inorganic compounds that were discovered at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Dr. Menachem Genut, President and CEO of Applied NanoMaterials, was a co-discoverer of these novel inorganic nanostructures as a member of the Weizmann Institute's Nanomaterials Synthesis Group headed by Professor Reshef Tenne.

Applied NanoMaterials developed an innovative chemical reaction method that will allow a cost effective production of the inorganic nanotubes, at a lower cost than today's production of carbon nanotubes.

Posted 27th August 2003

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