Nanophase Technologies Make NanoArc Zinc Oxide Commercially Avaialble - New Product

Nanophase Technologies Corporation, a technology leader in nanoengineered products, announces the commercial availability of NanoArc™ Zinc Oxide.  NanoArc™ is a patented process that employs a novel plasma technology to prepare nanocrystalline materials with highly controlled surface chemistry. 

Typical attributes of NanoArc™ Zinc Oxide are non-porous, discrete, homogeneous, single-phase crystals; available at controllable particle size less than 35 nanometers; with a narrow particle size distribution; high purity; and dispersion stability.  The NanoArc™ Zinc Oxide can also be doped with a variety of materials to obtain modified electrical and/or chemical properties.

“The new products produced using the NanoArc™ technology significantly expand market opportunities for zinc oxide-based nanomaterials”, states Dr. Ed Ludwig, Nanophase's Vice President of Business Development.  “The small particle size enables highly transparent, UV blocking coating systems.  In addition, NanoArc™ Zinc Oxide may be used in systems requiring a high level of clarity and good antimicrobial characteristics.”  Applications anticipated for the NanoArc™ Zinc Oxide include: substantially transparent UV protective coatings, chemical catalysts, chemical adsorption, superior dielectric and mechanical properties for polymers containing zinc oxide and/or doped-zinc oxide additives, passive and active electronic components, enhanced antimicrobial materials, and certain unique personal care applications.

Nanophase has annual full-scale commercial production capability for NanoArc™ Zinc Oxide nanomaterials in the metric ton(s) range manufactured under its ISO 9001:2000 quality system.  Nanophase currently produces and sells several hundred metric tons annually of a 65 nm zinc oxide through its patented PVS process that is used primarily for certain personal care applications.

Posted November 8th, 2004

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