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Nanocyl is one of the most important carbon nanotube producers in Europe.

The Belgium-based company was founded in 2002 with the goal of becoming the leading global manufacturer of industrial and specialty carbon nanotubes.

Today Nanocyl employs 28 people and has recently opened a US office, this in order to expand its activities in the US, a high potential market for Nanocyl. The launch of Nanocyl's US office represents a new important stage in the further development of Nanocyl as one of the key players in the production of carbon nanotubes on a worldwide level.

Using the CCVD process for production purposes, Nanocyl continually develops new, value-added products, such as the recently launched "in-situ" polymerized NC9000 series, a high-concentration polymer blend. Nanocyl also provides services to support their potential customers in developing new products/applications using carbon nanotubes.

Nanocyl plays also an active role in various European nanotechnology research projects.

Contact Details

Francis Massin, Managing Director

Nanocyl S.A.
Rue de l'Essor, 4
B-5060 Sambreville

Tel : +32 71 750 380
Fax : +32 71 750 390

E-mail Address [email protected]


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