NanoProducts Working On Printing Circuits With Inkjet Printers - New Product

Researchers from NanoProducts Corp. lab have begun work on nanoscale devices that may lead to "plastic" circuits fabricated with ink jet printers within three years.

The lab makes nanoscale materials using the company's patented Joule-Quench fabrication process, to produce powders with grains smaller than 100 nm in diameter. They can make nanoscale materials conducting or insulating or magnetic or with any of the properties that electrical engineers use to build devices, like dielectrics.

The Joule-Quench process uses combustion of a precursor to create a stream that is heated into a plasma exceeding 3,000 K, after which cooling leads to nucleation and the formation of nanoparticles. Sonic quenching eliminates "sticky" collisions to produce a steady stream of nanopowders.

The lab is now working on a variety of traditional electronic devices based on nanoscale materials that will enable them to be printed with ink jet printers or incorporated into layered composites.

Posted 20th November 2003

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