Safer Tires From Nanotechnology - New Product

NanoProducts Corporation is pleased to report the successful use of its nanoscale materials to produce tires with improved skid resistance and reduced abrasion. NanoProducts’ specialty materials used in such prototype tires are commercially available.

Vehicle and aircraft safety is important to consumers worldwide. Tire manufacturers and users continue to seek technology that can enhance safety while reducing cost of ownership, as well as fuel efficiency. Additionally, technology that can enhance the functional performance and durability of products such as hoses, belts, wiper blades, seals, exercise equipment and high performance footwear can reduce accidents and injuries, provide additional value to consumers and improve resource sustainability.

In US Patent 6469089 issued in favor of Cabot Corporation, NanoProducts notes the successful incorporation of its nanoscale PüreNanoTM silicon carbide to prepare elastomeric nanocomposites that exhibit superior properties over conventional materials. The performance data published in the Cabot patent demonstrates the successful dispersion of NanoProducts’ nanoscale materials in elastomers as well as the highest improvement in wet skid resistance (over other tested materials) and a nearly 50% reduction in abrasion. As reported by the Cabot inventors, PüreNanoTM silicon carbide derived nanocomposites perform better than products with no additives or composites with conventional additives such as nanoscale fumed silica. Improved wet skid resistance results in superior safety, and reduced abrasion provides extended life.

Dr. Tapesh Yadav, NanoProducts’ Chairman and CEO, commented “We are committed to enabling and commercializing high performance products with our extensive nanotechnology portfolio. Breakthroughs such as those discovered and reported by the Cabot team are examples of how nanotechnology is creating premium products that increase consumer safety and comfort while reducing cost and waste. Such independent evaluation and insights confirm that PüreNanoTM nanoscale materials can be used to improve the performance of other elastomers and polymer products.”

Posted 17th July 2003

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