Technical Capabilities of Thomas Swan in Producing Carbon Nanotubes and Other Chemical Product Manufacturing

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Chemical Manufacturing

Technical Capabilities

Complex and Multi-Step Synthesis

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The Thomas Swan carbon nanomaterials business is dedicated to manufacturing commercial quantities of high purity single and multi-wall carbon nanotubes under the Elicarb™ trademark.

Chemical Manufacturing

With over 80 years of experience in chemical manufacturing Thomas Swan has developed a broad portfolio of chemical products and custom manufacturing services. With over 55 dedicated and multi-purpose reactors, a world class supercritical fluid reactor and an experienced process development and quality control capability, Thomas Swan is ideally placed to meet your product, custom manufacturing or technical requirements.

Technical Capabilities

The following lists our current technical capabilities. For more information on any of our capabilities or products please contact us.

Complex and Multi-Step Synthesis

Thomas Swan offers a wide range of complex and multi-step synthesis capabilities. Our aim is to offer a fast, flexible and confidential service. The following list details our current range of synthetic capabilities:

•        Reductions - hydride reactions

•        Alkylations - dimethyl and diethyl sulphate

•        Halogenations - specificity in chlorinations and brominations

•        Polymerisations - polyamides and polyurethanes

•        Diazotisations

•        Nitrations - principally in acetic acid

•        Aminations – with a wide range of amines

General Technologies

More general technologies practiced regularly include:

•        Amidation

•        Amination

•        Chlorination

•        Cyclisation

•        Friedel Crafts

•        Grignard

•        Hydrogenation

•        Isomerisation

•        Nitration

•        Oxidation

•        Polymerisation

•        Sulphonation

•        Thiocyanation

Laboratory Facilities

Extensive laboratory facilities are available for custom synthesis and contract research. These include:

•        Drying

•        Grinding and milling

•        Formulation

•        High temperature reactions

•        Bulk storage

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