Nanomix and DuPont Sign License for Carbon Nanotubes in Field Emission Displays - New Product

Nanomix Inc., a leading nanotechnology company, and DuPont Electronic Technologies, a leading supplier of materials for Plasma Display Panel (PDP) televisions, announced today that DuPont has been granted an exclusive license from Nanomix to make and sell field-emitting thick film materials containing carbon nanotubes for use in flat panel displays.

The carbon nanotube thick film emitter materials will be used to make field emission displays (FEDs). Together, the Nanomix nanotechnology and DuPont thick film technology will improve emission efficiency of the emitter material.

"This agreement allows us to leverage unique technologies that enable the production of more affordable flat panel televisions with big screens and CRT-like image quality," said David B. Miller, vice president and general manager of DuPont Electronic Technologies.

Mattias Lindahl, marketing manager and responsible for industrial partnerships at Nanomix stated "this agreement confirms the strong science and technology base of the company and confirms a promising future of Nanomix."

This technology is expected to compete with PDPs and LCDs for the large, flat panel display market.

Posted 9th September 2003

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