Integrated Nano-Technologies Previews BioDetect Biological Agent Detector - New Product

Integrated Nano-Technologies first product, which will be introduced in early 2004, is the BioDetect™ biological agent detector/identifier, the first device of its kind that accurately tests for biological agents, such as SARS, anthrax, smallpox, outside the laboratory in less than 20 minutes. BioDetect™ is a portable, electronic-based DNA detection/identification system that is simple to operate and weighs only 12 pounds. A smaller, even lighter version of the device is already in development and is expected within a year of the initial product launch.

“With our patented electronic-based DNA technology, INT has developed some of the most exciting and promising technology in the area of biodetection and identification,” said Steve Nazarian, INT’s Director of Communications and conference speaker. “Our products will offer substantial advances in solving biological detection issues and fill gaps in the fields of biosecurity, medical diagnostics and other markets.”

Integrated Nano-Technologies is developing other advanced devices in the areas of biosecurity and public safety, human diagnostics, research and pharmaceutical trials, forensics/DNA fingerprinting, taggants/anti-counterfeiting, veterinary diagnostics, environmental analyses, and food/agriculture safety. An example is the NanoSyringe, a nano-scale, site-specific drug delivery system.

Integrated Nano-Technologies’ core technology platform is a unique integration of molecular biology, chemistry and microeletronics. Biological target identification is based on the ability of DNA probes on a microchip to attract and bind to specific sequences in the DNA of the target organism. DNA is extracted from a sample and passed over the device’s microchip, where it attaches to the organism-specific probes. The attached strands are developed through a chemical process, producing an electrical signal for computer analysis.

The BioDetect™ system, now completing the final testing phase, consists of an electronic analyzer and single-use, disposable test cards. Unlike other detection systems, BioDetect™ technology does not depend on polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and consequently does not share PCR’s shortcomings with respect to speed, stability and sensitivity.

Posted 8th December 2003

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