Nanowires Used In Novel Hybrid Transistor - New Technology

German physicists, Jie Chen and Rolf Könenkamp at the Hahn-Meitner Institute in Berlin, have reported in Applied Physics Letters their development of a new type of transistor. The transistor is a ‘hybrid’ structure but it manages to avoid the strength limitations of most hybrid devices.

The transistor consists of a polymer-metal-polymer stack of a metal layer sandwiched between two 8 micron thick polymer films. Fast-ion irradiation was used to drill holes in the stack before semiconductor nanowires were grown in the holes. The nanowires each had a diameter of about 100 nanometres. Source and drain contacts were added to the top and bottom of the stack allowing it to act as a transistor, with the metal layer in the middle as the gate electrode.

Posted 1st July 2003

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