Nanotechnology in Nevada, USA: Market Report

Nevada is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States of America.  It covers a total area of 286,367 km2, and has a population of 2,723,322 as of 2011. The state’s GDP in 2010 was $127,500 million. The state’s main revenue is from the tourism and entertainment industries, which are also Nevada's largest employers.

Nevada's largely rural geography and sparse population does not lend itself to extensive research and hi-tech industry. Nevertheless, the University of Nevada, with campuses in Las Vegas and Reno, is active in nanotechnology research, and a number of nanotech companies operate out of the area, covering application areas from electronics and sensors to defense and clean energy.

Nanotechnology Companies

Nanotechnology being a versatile field finds applications in a myriad of industries. The nanotechnology companies in Nevada are listed below along with a brief introduction:

Nevada NanoNevada Nano (Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.) develops and manufactures MEMS-based sensor modules and subsystems for a diverse array of government and commercial applications. Their products are used by system integrator partners and by system manufacturers who benefit from the unique characteristics of our sensors – namely small size, low cost, unattended operation, and the ability to detect a broad range of threats with a single, standard sensor configuration.

US Global NanospaceUS Global Nanospace, Inc. is a solutions oriented research and development company that specializes in identifying, developing, and commercializing new and emerging technologies and products for integration into the security, defense and health and safety markets. USGN uses cross-discipline knowledge in the areas of science, engineering, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, to evolve products that address high performance issues. US Global Nanospace has focused its commercialization efforts on identifying strategic partnership companies that have the resources to manufacture, market and or integrate its products on a commercial scale worldwide. USGN's products include MAPSANDS™, All-Clear™ Chem/Bio Decontamination Foam, the G-Lam line of variable threat armor solutions, NanoFilters for HVAC, NanoFilterCX, BlastX and Radomes.

AltairnanoAltairnano is a leading provider of energy storage systems for clean, efficient power, and energy management. Designed for power-dependent applications, Altairnano’s family of advanced lithium-ion energy storage systems and batteries is responding to changing demands in energy generation, utilization and policy. Whether it’s reducing our dependencies on coal-fired generation facilities, reducing carbon emissions or accelerating the adoption of renewable integration and alternative-fuel vehicles, Altairnano is helping to achieve sustainable and economically sensible power and energy management practices.

Nanotechnology Education

Academic institutes offering courses and research programs in nanoscience and nanotechnology in Alaska are listed below:

Nevada Nanotechnology Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegasis an initiative of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It provides research opportunities as well offers courses relating to nanotechnology. The following are some of the projects handled by the center:

  • Nanostructure based Multi-spectral Detectors
  • Nanomaterial Matrix for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Applications
  • Quantum Dot LEDs
  • Giant Magnetoresistance Effects in Ni-based Antidot System
  • Sol-Gel Synthesis of Nanorods and Nanoparticles
  • Fabrication of Complex Nanoscale Structures

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno - offers a course in nanotechnology at the undergraduate level called Interdisciplinary nanotechnology minor. This department is a part of the University of Nevada, Reno.


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