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Dr. Scott Rickert, President and co-founder of Nanofilm, today announced the launch of a new long-lasting anti-fog treatment for plastic and polycarbonate surfaces. The new dry formulation, called Clarity Fog Eliminator, prevents fogging due to cold temperatures and moist or high-humidity conditions. It’s designed for use on products such as safety glasses, goggles, face shields, eyeglasses, sunglasses and sports goggles.

The first stage of the Fog Eliminator launch includes both consumer and industrial distribution. In the consumer market, Nanofilm will focus on the winter sports target, including skiers and snowboarders. In the industrial arena, Fog Eliminator will be distributed in the safety market, providing clear vision to workers in refrigeration or other environments where cold and moisture cause safety eyewear to fog.

Fog Eliminator is a dry formula, which makes it easier to apply. Instead of messy, wet towelettes or sprays, users simply wipe the reusable dry cloth over a surface for streakfree fog prevention.

“Identifying real-world problems and solving them with innovative technology has long been the strength of Nanofilm,” commented Dr. Rickert. “Clarity Fog Eliminator adds to our portfolio of products achieving that goal.”

Posted 11th May 2003

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