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Molybdenum (Mo) Nanoparticles - Properties, Applications

Nanoparticle research is presently one of the the most studied branches of science with a number of applications, particularly in electronic, optical and biomedical fields.

Molybdenum is toxic in excess quantities. It occurs in various oxidation states of minerals. It has low water solubility, and hence it can be used for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Molybdenum nanoparticle is flammable and hence it should be carefully stored. Anticorrosive capability of stainless steel in corrosive environments can be improved by adding 1 to 4% of molybdenum nanoparticle powder to stainless steel.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of molybdenum nanoparticles are outlined in the following table.

Chemical Data
Chemical symbol Mo
CAS No. 7439-98-7
Group 6
Electronic configuration [Kr] 4d5 5s1

Physical Properties

The physical properties of molybdenum nanoparticles are given in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 10.28 g/cm3 0.3714 lb/in3
Molar mass 95.94 g/mol -

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of molybdenum nanoparticles are provided in the table below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Melting point 2623°C 4753°F
Boiling point 4639°C 8382°F

Manufacturing Process

Various types of molybdenum nanoparticles can be produced by in-situ minuscule amount of radioactivity. 99Mo radioisotope is introduced into ammonium molybdate solution and the mixture of surfactant sodiumdodecyl sulfate and ammonium molybdate. Molybdate ions are transformed into nanoparticles by radiolysis initiated by γ-irradiation in both the solutions.


The main applications of molybdenum nanoparticles are as additives in alloys for hi-tech applications, such as high-vacuum or corrosive environments. Some of these areas are as follows:

  • High-temperature lubrication
  • Hard alloys, cutting tools, textiles
  • Microelectronics films
  • Sintering additives, coatings, plastics, nanowire and nanofiber
  • High-power vacuum valve, heater tube and X-ray tube.

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