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Barium Iron Oxide, Barium Ferrite (BaFe12O19) Nanoparticles - Properties, Applications

The prospects for using nanomaterials with diameters of <100 nm in numerous applications is being widely researched around the world today.

This article discusses the properties and applications of barium iron oxide nanoparticles. Barium is a Block S, Period 6 element, iron is a Block D, Period 4 element, and oxygen is a Block P, Period 2 element.

The morphology of barium iron oxide nanoparticles is undetermined. Barium iron oxide nanoparticles are graded as harmful especially if swallowed.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of barium iron oxide nanoparticles are outlined in the following table.

Chemical Data
Chemical symbol BaFe12O19
CAS No. 12047-11-9
Group Barium 2
Iron 8
Oxygen 16
Electronic configuration Barium [Xe] 6s2
Iron [Ar] 3d6 4s2
Oxygen [He] 2s2 2p4
Chemical Composition
Element Content (%)
Barium 12.4
Iron 60.3
Oxygen 27.3

Physical Properties

The physical properties of barium iron oxide nanoparticles are given in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 5.4 g/cm3 0.195 lb/in3
Molar mass 1111.06 g/mol -


The main application of barium iron oxide nanoparticles is as a flame retardant in plastics, coatings, fiber and textiles and also in some alloy and catalyst applications.

Source: AZoNano

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