Shipping Begins On “geniom one” Benchtop Microarray Facility - New Product

The German biotech company febit ag has started shipping the geniom® one microarray system.

geniom® one sets new standards in microarray experimentation. It is the first system enabling the researcher to synthesize individual oligonucleotide microarrays in situ at the lab bench. Since all array designs are stored as digital data, it is easy to modify or optimize an array – or combine it with other DNA information, e. g. from a sequence database. This allows for rapid and convenient adjustment of array configurations to changing experimental settings.

The heart of the system is the DNA processor. The design of this newly developed device allows for user-defined individual configuration.

All steps of an experiment including synthesis of oligonucleotide probes, hybridization and data analysis are spatially and functionally integrated in a single compact benchtop instrument. Automated, light-activated in situ synthesis of an array is performed over night, plus a few additional hours for hybridization and analysis depending on your protocol. Any experiment may be completed in less than 24 hours.

This level of performance was achieved by merging cutting-edge DNA analysis technology, microfluidics and a specialized software package.

Digital raw and analysis data can directly be used for digital array design and therefore speed up the research process.

geniom® one converts any sequence information into a microarray experiment. Due to this unique flexibility and speed, the geniom technology is a powerful tool for a broad spectrum of applications in functional genomics, drug development and medical diagnostics – designed for array-based DNA analysis to become a routine method in the future.

Posted 10th December 2003

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