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Conference Management for the Nanotechnology Research Industry

Dr. Malika Ardhaoui, Co-founder of SETCOR events start-up, talks to AZoNano about conference management within the nanotechnology research industry.

Can you provide me with a brief introduction to SETCOR and the services this organization provides for the scientific research industry?

The Science, Engineering, Technology Conferences Organization ("SETCOR") organizes multidisciplinary events for academics and professionals in the fields of science, engineering and technology. We are experienced organizers of conferences, exhibitions and workshops. Our conferences offer world class content, great delegate experience and exceptional networking opportunities. Through conferences, SETCOR promotes the interactions between the distinguished researchers engaged in the field and accelerate the commercialization of innovations, out of the lab and into industry. A SETCOR event is divided into a Technical Research Program and an Innovation Partnering Program (Exhibition and networking sessions).

What are SETCOR's core objectives as a business?

To be a leader organization for high quality, very focused and internationally recognized academic conferences organizer.

What is SETCOR's main strategy to making sure global events such as the SETCOR International Nanotechnology Conference - set to take place in Dubai this year - are a success among the researchers taking part?

The SETCOR team is composed of academic members with extensive academic and business connections. This is our main means to achieve our conferences targets. Added to this is our continuous effort to create partnership with associations, labs, universities, R&D groups, media companies, specialised web sites, etc. from all around the world.

The SETCOR International Nanotechnology Conference 2013 is an important event in terms of international regulatory policies. What are the key messages for this conference and how will these messages impact International regulatory policies?

World recognized keynote and invited speakers are invited to give talks about international regulatory policies. They will give an overview about the new international jurisdictions and the recent emergence of nanotechnology-based products in the marketplace.

How do you select your keynote speakers for a conference and event?

As we come from an academic background, we do our keynote speakers selection based on their CVs and their reputations on their fields of research.

How do you understand the audience and define the expectations of the keynote speakers selected for your conferences and events?

World-known keynote speakers assure the success of our conferences and events as the audience comes to be present to their talks. The participants and the keynote speakers are asked to complete our conference evaluation feedback. Their feedback and comments will enable us to improve our conferences and better meet their expectations.

Are there any conferences in the past, managed by SETCOR that you have found to be particularly challenging and why?

SETCOR Nanotech Dubai 2013 is the first conference that the SETCOR team organize but all the team members have already been members of international conference committees and involved actively in the management of those academic events. SETCOR events now target academicians, industrials and regulatory institutions, leading funding agencies, tech transfer offices, and investment and corporate partners in order to accelerate the commercialization of the world's top innovations.

As well as what the researcher audience can take from such conferences organised by SETCOR, what opportunities and messages do such annual events in the field of nanotechnology provide for targeted industry players?

Nanotech Dubai 2013 will be a great opportunity for industry players to exhibit their products and services to highly specialised audience in the field of Nanotechnology and this is a great opportunity to create connection for potential sales and partnerships with the academicians. In addition, they will have the opportunity to have an idea about the new research results. This will offer a good opportunity to build partnership for technology transfer from the laboratory to the industry.

Where can we find further information on your services and future events?

All in one place on the SETCOR homepage.

About Dr Malika Ardhaoui

Dr Malika Ardhaoui received her Ph.D. from Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine–France in the area of Bioprocess and Biotechnology and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Material Processing Research Centre, Dublin City University- Ireland. In 2006, she joined the surface engineering research group at the University College Dublin-Ireland. Since 2010, she’s a Marie Curie International Research Fellow (Biofuel cells Project) based in the Chimie Paris Tech- France as visiting researcher.  She’s a co-founder of SETCOR events start-up.

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