PicoMAPS Precision Stage for Extremely Accurate AFM Imaging - New Product

Molecular Imaging, Corp. today announces PicoMAPS, a Motorized Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Precision Stage designed for surface characterization of large samples. PicoMAPS delivers fast, accurate positioning for  imaging large specimens at atomic scale using Molecular Imaging’s PicoSPM II or PicoLE microscopes.  It allows investigators to precisely locate and  identify an event and automatically re-position the sample to the area of interest quickly and accurately for a more detailed analysis.

“PicoMAPS is the newest addition to the Pico Family™ of products for atomic force microscopy (AFM) applications,” said Vance Nau, Ph.D., President and CEO of Molecular Imaging.  “It has more sample flexibility and will enable the characterization of larger samples with better precision than other products available today.  The PicoMAPS is truly unique in that it is also designed for imaging in fluids using Molecular Imaging’s patented MAC Mode.”

The new precision stage is a versatile platform designed for characterizing larger samples across a wide range of applications, from life science to material science, in both the industrial and academic markets.  Dr. Nau continues, “It provides AFM scientists with a tool that will open new doors in all fields of nanotechnology.” 

The PicoMAPS will allow investigators to image an area up to 200 mm in size.  It is ideal for imaging large samples in ambient, air, fluids, and under controlled temperature conditions.  The PicoMAPS is very flat and provides accurate AFM imaging capability along with high-speed displacement over the entire sample plate. The automated tip approach feature prevents damage to delicate sample structures. A motorized optical zoom and focus are designed for automatic pre-approach between the SPM tip and the sample. The top-down design makes studying samples with varying heights easy.

Posted 2nd December 2003

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