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NanoSignal’s new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) enhancement technology product with digital imaging features, SLICES™, allows doctors and radiologists to perform advanced MR imaging testing that goes beyond the capabilities of the standard MRI computer. The product has been Beta tested at Desert Radiology of Las Vegas.

SLICES offers a medical cost containment solution by allowing for shorter MR scan times (up to 50%) and reducing operating costs through reduced film consumption (from 30% to 80%) as well as extending the life of older MRI machines.

NanoSignal has announced enhanced features for SLICES. This includes the addition of energy fuel cell technology to provide continuous operation and avoid loss of data from power surges and outages. Digital imaging capabilities that allow images produced by SLICES to be printed on file and shared by multiple work stations have also been added.

The Company’s stock symbol and name change reflects their expansion into the growing new sciences of nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

President Wayne Norris has stated, "With the new version of SLICES ready to deploy, we need to have a vision of where to go in terms of both the market place and science - not just the science of today but of tomorrow. In terms of medical diagnosis, we need to think about forging the new 'nanotools' of the 21st Century, which will give the radiologist and technician better information on the cellular level. Better imagery through the use of SLICES is only the first step in realizing our vision.”

The next generation of SLICES is being developed to help research scientists and doctors exhaustively inventory cells, cell parts and molecules within cell parts.

Posted 28th January 2004

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