Industrial and Commercial Uses of Graphene in 2018

Graphenea marked 2018 by launching a host of original products geared towards the commercial and industrial use of graphene, recruiting more experienced staff and continuing to provide high-quality graphene for advanced research and industrial use.

Graphene Wafers

In January, the company already began selling 6” graphene wafers on all their standard substrates along with user-provided ones. Aside from proving the same high quality over larger areas, the 6” diameter wafer is a milestone as smaller wafers like the 4” ones are only used for R&D.

The new wafer is of an industrial size for small scale devices, which means that it can be integrated in commercial fabrication lines, for applications such as NEMS, MEMS, photonics, electronics, and sensing.

Applications of Graphene Field Effect Transistor

Graphenea added GFET – graphene field effect transistors to their product portfolio in May. Being the most frequently used graphene device, The GFET’s applications include magnetic sensors, detection of dangerous chemicals, high-speed photodetectors for optical communications and biomedical applications.

GFET – graphene field effect transistors

Photo: GFET – graphene field effect transistors

Until now, researchers willing to look into this rich palette of uses had to initially spend time mastering the fabrication of graphene devices or initiate collaborations with graphene experts.

The availability of the mass-produced GFET product remarkably minimizes the barriers of entry for those researchers, allowing them to focus on their targets and bypass the device fabrication stage.

Graphene Foundry Service

Following up on GFET and 6” wafers, Graphenea introduced a graphene foundry service for bespoke graphene circuits printed on the 6” wafers. The service enables customers to ask for small batches (1-3 wafers) with their own design fabricated by Graphenea, with feature sizes as small as 5 micrometers.

With devices passing stringent quality control and a guaranteed high yield, this service becomes identical to the business model predominant in the silicon microchip industry, which marks a breakthrough in the industrialization and commercialization of graphene.

Keeping up with industry trends, maintaining high quality, and participating in advanced scientific research demands a strong team of experts. Graphenea reinforced its research team with the addition of a research scientist with a PhD in graphene and a process engineer with experience at one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies.

Graphene Week 2018

Besides all the hard work, the company had the chance to enjoy and reap some benefits. In September, Graphene Week 2018 was held in Graphenea’s hometown of San Sebastian. The company welcomed the graphene community at the conference as well as at their headquarters, where conference visitors had the opportunity to see the production facilities up close. The company also organized a raffle and gave out one dinner for two at a three-Michelin-star restaurant!

Conference participants visit Graphenea HQ as part of Graphene Week 2018

Photo: Conference participants visit Graphenea HQ as part of Graphene Week 2018

Graphenea Receives Innovative Company Award

Graphenea was granted an Innovative Company award at Donostia Innovation Week, in the young companies’ category. The deputy mayor complemented the company for providing the city with high-value employment opportunities, thus favoring the attractiveness of Donostia for attraction and return of talent.

And as a way of giving back to the community, the company entered The Engine network at MIT near Boston, Graphenea’s home in the USA. Being part of The Engine means the company will be in a position to convey their expertise and experience to young entrepreneurs in the Tough Tech sector, allowing them to benefit from necessary guidance for flourishing start-up development.

Graphenea is looking forward to an equally successful 2019!

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Graphenea.

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