Graphene Foundry Services for Optoelectronic Applications

Over the past 25 years, data traffic has grown phenomenally and this growth is expected to continue, thanks to the Internet of Things and the mobile communications market. This trend is attributed to 5G communication technology expected to demand bandwidths that are considered huge by present standards.

As a result, built-in photonic chips that are expected to continue this growth are facing difficult demands, thereby requiring the application of innovative materials.

Advantages of Graphene

Wonder material graphene provides an excellent solution for optoelectronic applications, with characteristics that result in a number of benefits when compared to silicon photonics. One major benefit of graphene is the potential for modifying optical properties with gate voltage, enabling refraction of light and modulation of absorption. Therefore, applications like ultrafast optical detectors based on graphene and optical add-drop multiplexing are within the reach of current technology.

The potential to incorporate graphene devices with prevalent technological processes and access to consistent high-quality and wafer-scale graphene are important pillars for implementing graphene photonics in practice.

GFAB Service

The GFAB service provided by Graphenea is a graphene foundry that enables buyers to order fully bespoke graphene circuits printed according to their own specifications on up to 6″ wafers. This innovative service perfectly meets the needs for graphene photonics, and provides an opportunity for investigators to obtain their preferred materials, allowing rapid device prototyping and accelerating the development of novel applications in photonics, thus reducing the entry obstacles to graphene-based solutions. The recently developed solutions can be easily incorporated within the larger photonic circuit fabrication processes. In addition, the devices have passed the rigorous quality control measures that Graphenea imposes on all samples, such as optical microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and electrical tests, guaranteeing consistent high quality.

Graphenea’s Product Range

At SPIE Photonics West, which will be held in San Francisco next week, Graphenea will demonstrate its GFAB service, CVD graphene films, graphene field effect transistors (GFET), and other related products. Photonics West is a popular global event dedicated to the laser and photonics sectors, with more than 5000 courses and presentations and also two world-class exhibitions of 1300 firms.

Customers are invited to discuss their specific applications and Graphenea’s product offerings at booth number 4524.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Graphenea.

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