Intel To Increase 90nm Chip Production - News

Intel's 90 nanometer technology is currently being moved to high volume for its Pentium and Centrino CPUs. With defect levels down to the levels needed for high volume processing the chips will be produced from early next year at its plant in Leixlip, near Dublin, Ireland. 90 nano chips are already produced at the Intel plants in Hillsboro Oregon & Albuquerque

They will also be talking about the technology at the International Electronics Meeting in Washington DC on December 9th. The presentation is titled "A 90nm High Volume Manufacturing Logic Technology Featuring Novel 45nm Gate Length Strained Silicon CMOS Transistors".

The ninety nanometer logic includes a 1.2 nanometer physical gate oxide thickness, the use of nickel silicide, seven layers of copper interconnect, carbon doped oxide low-k dielectric, 1µ2 6T SRAM cells - all on 300 millimeter (12-inch) silicon wafers.

Posted 28th October 2003

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