US Global Nanospace and Cyclone Aviation Products Manufacturing Agreement for Humvee Turrets

US Global Nanospace, Inc. and Cyclone Aviation Products, Ltd., a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., today announced a manufacturing agreement for production of the US Global S.A.G. Humvee turret at Cyclone's 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility near Karmiel, Israel, as well as an initial order for twenty turrets.

Cyclone is an ISO 9001-certified designer and producer of composite and metal structural parts for civil and military aircraft. Cyclone's customers include the IMOD, the U.S. Air Force, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Vought Aircraft Industries Inc., Bell Helicopters Textron Inc., Sikorsky Aircraft Company, Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. as well as other aircraft manufacturers and end users around the world. Boeing has awarded Cyclone its Preferred Supplier Gold Rating.

"Cyclone is a top-tier manufacturer of complex composite assemblies, and they have the experience, technology and facilities required for volume production of the S.A.G. Turret," stated John Robinson, chairman and CEO of US Global Nanospace, Inc. "Protecting our soldiers is US Global's top priority, and we will ramp up volume production to expedite turret field mobilization. Cyclone's geographic proximity to the initial field users of the S.A.G. Turret as well as their established competency in manufacturing products to extremely high tolerances made them a natural choice as a manufacturing partner."

The US Global S.A.G. Turret has been designed as a lightweight shielded turret for the Humvee that weighs less than 200 pounds, offers rapid rotational capability, is designed to interface precisely with military HMMWV rotating turret rings and can be installed by two people in less than one hour using common hand tools. The S.A.G. Turret is made primarily of USGN's proprietary G-Lam nano-fiber material and is impervious to petroleum distillates and maintain performance at temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Turrets will be manufactured for protection against specific ballistic threats up to .50 caliber and are available immediately for controlled export to allied countries with U.S. government approval.

Posted 5th January 2004

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