Kopin Supplies Colour Microdisplays For Multimedia Consumer Eyewear - New Product

Kopin Corp. is accelerating the arrival of the mobile age by providing microdisplays for Eyetop, trend-setting consumer eyewear that displays multimedia images.

Eyetop, manufactured and distributed by Ingineo SAS, are high-fashion sunglasses integrating Kopin's 320C (0.24-inch diagonal) colour CyberDisplay in one of the sidepieces, enabling the wearer to privately view digital video while continuing to view the surrounding environment in style. Eyetop debuted in March at the CeBIT Europe technology trade show in Hannover, Germany.

Eyetop wearers can view the CyberDisplay screen with one eye while effortlessly maintaining visual contact with the world around them. CyberDisplay displays the same vivid colour and unsurpassed image quality of a full-sized PC monitor - whether at night or in bright sunlight.

Eyetop plugs and plays with any device that has a video output, such as a portable video player, digital camera, digital camcorder, portable TV, laptop, desktop or PDA. Eyetop wearers, for example, can work on confidential documents in public places by darkening their laptop screens and turning on their Eyetop. They can shoot digital photographs without obstructing their view with the camera body. Or they can watch DVDs on the go with unprecedented image quality. Eyetop also extends battery life by letting users turn off the large monitor on their laptop or other source device. Eyetop supports both U.S. and European video standards (NTSC and PAL).

"Eyetop is fun, but it isn't a toy; it's wearable information and portable entertainment," said Atika El sayed, general manager of Ingineo. "It's a state-of-the-art multimedia experience fashioned with the highest quality materials and haute couture style. As such, it demands the smallest, lightest, most power-efficient, sharpest and densest active matrix liquid crystal display available. Only one microdisplay even comes close to meeting those requirements: the Kopin CyberDisplay."

Kopin's CyberDisplay is the world's smallest, highest-resolution active matrix liquid crystal microdisplay. It also is the only transmissive microdisplay manufactured from the same high-quality silicon used to produce integrated circuits. The Kopin CyberDisplay is used as the viewfinder in 30 percent of the world's camcorders. Its transparency enables greater miniaturization, reduced cost, higher pixel density, full colour capability, and lower power consumption than other products.

Posted 27th August 2003

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