Biophan to Participate in Nano/Bio Convergence 2004 Conference - News Item

Biophan Technologies, Inc. an innovator, developer and marketer of MRI-related and other advanced biomedical technology, announced today that it will present at the Nano/Bio Convergence 2004 Conference. The conference will focus on the inevitable convergence of nanotechnology and biotechnology, and will take place March 28-30, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA.

The Conference covers applications of nanobiotechnology: molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, drug discovery, development, and delivery.

NanoView, Biophan's new, recently announced technology, will utilize nanomagnetic particles as contrast agents that preferentially bind to tissues of diagnostic interest, creating improved detail and contrast in images. NanoView is intended to improve signal intensity and permit the use of multiple markers.

This product expansion is part of Biophan's strategy to improve the utility of MRI diagnostics by making all biomedical devices safe and image compatible for use with MRI. Biophan's biomagnetic particle technology has been shown to have unique signature capabilities that can be used in MRI contrast agents.

Posted 23rd March 2004

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