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Purdue University announces its investment in nanotechnology with a US$ 100 million discovery Park.

Nanotechnology will have numerous applications in everything from super-small computers, spacecraft and microscopic machines, to tiny life-saving medical devices and a plethora of new materials. With this in mind, Purdue University has announced its investment in the technology with the development of a US$100 million Discovery Park.

Discovery Park will provide a new home for interdisciplinary research and will consist of four centres - the Birck Nanotechnology centre, a bioscience/engineering centre, an e-enterprises centre and a centre for entrepreneurship. US$51 million has already been raised for the Birck Nanotechnology centre, which is scheduled to open in 2004.

“Nanotechnology is an area that is still in its infancy and not yet dominated by a particular geographic location, as Silicon Valley dominates the computer industry” says George Adams, a Purdue engineer. “We have the potential to make Indiana a high-tech region in the US for this kind of technology”.

Posted October 2001.

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